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  1. For The Muse website team: I wonder if you would consider making all external links spawn a new browser instance instead of opening in the same window. Your editorial click-thrus often lead to very interesting entities, and I tend to surf awhile on their sites & sometimes *their* links—then, when I want to come back to The Muse after so many jumps deep (and I do, I do!) having to use the back arrow is tedious; it would be so much easier to just click back to your tab. S’il vous plait? Merci!

  2. M Shocked… from her friend in Texas… Jeffery Liles… Owner of The Kessler

    I don’t know exactly what Michelle said on stage in SF, but I certainly don’t agree the sentiment or philosophy of exclusion or inequality. That said, I consider Michelle a friend, and I know her father and brother very well. (Her Dad was my landlord for years when I lived on Oram in East Dallas, and her brother Max played in Wilco and is currently a member of The Gourds, who perform regularly at The Kessler.) Contrary to these secondhand reports, these people are NOT Westboro Baptist Church types AT ALL. “Dollar Bill” Johnston (her father) is a local musician who has performed at every venue in town. He does NOT hate gay folks – or anybody else for that matter – and in all the years I’ve known him he never mentioned religion or God to me once. This very kind and gentle man did not raise his children to be exclusionary or hateful. I spoke at length with Michelle before her show at The Kessler, and her frustration (and I hope she’ll forgive me for revealing this) seemed to be that she is very much in love with a man who won’t make a lifetime commitment to her. She even mentioned it onstage. (“How can I get this guy to put a ring on it?”). Now I’m certainly not a psychologist, but I will venture to say this: perhaps Michelle’s outburst had something to do with some measure of jealousy – other people (from all walks of life) making lifetime commitments to one another on one hand, and her own frustrating situation on the other. As I said, hateful comments about anyone are sickening. But how many people made their own hateful comments about her after reading her comments? To borrow a line from Ashley Myrick’s song “Devil’s Nest”, “All you haters, you’re gonna learn how to love/All you lovers, you’re gonna learn to hold them up…”.

    Michelle Shocked Does Not Hate Gay People, So Why Did She Say God Does?
    North Texas native Michelle Shocked earned the disdain of her crowd in San Francisco when she reportedly told them, “”You…

    Just FYI… Hello to Kirby

  3. Jeffery Liles has been a friend of mine for over 25 years… I feel so validated that you have posted his sentiments about Michelle Shocked. MIcheel was also a dear friend of They traveled Texas together when I was 20…. Over 25 years ago. I have to agree with Jeff… Peace~

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