Art studied music in a California junior college and obtained a Bachelors degree in Vocal Music from the University of California. While in school I sang in choirs for 18 years and had the opportunity to travel through the western United States and most of western Europe. In addition I played violin and string bass in my high school orchestra, bass guitar in the junior college jazz band, tympani in the junior college orchestra, performed in plays, musicals and operas from high school through college and attended the Music Academy of The West in Santa Barbara, California as part of my operatic vocal training.


All during this educational experience I really wanted to be playing the music I was hearing on the radio.  Where does a person go to get the knowledge, experience, expertise and business grounding if they want to make a living playing popular music?

While I was at the University taking a class for beginning vocal students a guy brought a piece of sheet music and handed it to the professor. The professor looked at the music and handed it back to the student and said “This isn’t music. Bring me some real music.”

The song was written by Cat Stevens who at this time was making at least 10 times the amount this professor was making and yet the professor said the song wasn’t “real music”.

Can you see where I’m going? And I’m not talking about Rock And Roll High School The Movie I’m talking about an accredited school that would cover everything from basic musicianship to theatrical lighting and include a strong business component as well.

So why is it that popular music isn’t taken seriously in this country and artists have to leave the country to gain respect for the years spent perfecting their chops and polishing their act? And why have many of the early rock and roll artists wound up penniless even though they have sold millions of dollars worth of records during their careers?

Am I the only one who thinks there is a big hole in our educational system when it comes to those who want to play popular music?

Till next time, keep making great music!!

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