January 17th, 2013
GAIL RICH – Jimbo Phillips


Jimbo Phillips. Photo: Shmuel Thaler

If you’re looking for a dynasty in the world of Santa Cruz surf/skate graphic arts, then surely your first stop would have to be the House of Phillips. Artist and illustrator Jimbo Phillips already had an enormous legacy to live up to when he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Jim Phillips, the man behind the world-famous Santa Cruz Skateboards logo. But Jimbo has enhanced and expanded on his dad’s work with a burgeoning graphic design business and a signature style that reflects an aggressive but fun-loving skatepunk aesthetic. Jimbo’s cartoonish creations, all flapping tongues, protruding eyeballs and flying saliva, appeal to the 12-year-old boy in us all. But his ever expanding commercial art work, be it for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls or Bell Helmets, shows his versatility and his talent at adapting to the marketplace without losing his weirdly endearing rudeboy sense of humor.

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