January 17th, 2013
GAIL RICH – Pipa Pinon


Pipa Pinon. Photo: Shmuel Thaler

Last fall, singer Pipa Pinon took to the stage to present a play she had written called “Bridges Between,” a harrowing dramatization of her experience as a teen in which she was exposed to draconian therapies after what she says was a questionable diagnosis of mental illness. The play, which was first produced in Santa Cruz almost 30 years ago, presented audiences with a creative side of Pipa they might not have know was there before. For decades, she has been a central creative force in the Santa Cruz music community with a wide number of musical projects, most prominently the group Dreambeach that features her long-time musical partner Daniel Vee Lewis. In all her musical endeavors, she has displayed a gift for emotional resonance in her ethereal singing voice and a theatricality that makes her turn toward stage drama a natural fit. In describing the latest Dreambeach release, she in fact summed up the essence of her art: “It’s really all about the three L’s, longing, love and loss.”

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