January 17th, 2013
GAIL RICH – Tammi Brown


Tammi Brown. Photo: Shmuel Thaler

For the past five years, R&B singer Tammi Brown has had trouble saying “no” to anyone who has asked her to sing. She has regularly performed in several ensemble shows in Santa Cruz from “Planet Cruz Comedy Hour” to “An Altared Christmas” to the White Album Ensemble. She continues to sing on various recordings for other artists, one of which was nominated for a Grammy back in 2008. But these days, Tammi is poised to step into the spotlight in her own right. Reared in the Pentacostal church, she built her musical talents around a base of gospel before branching out into blues, jazz, pop and R&B. And, in 2013, all that hard work is set to pay off when she releases her debut album on the award-winning Motema label, unleashing on the world what audiences in Santa Cruz have to this point treasured as their best-kept secret.

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  1. Great article on the creative spirit in Santa Cruz. Interesting timing in that the Santa Cruz School of the Supernatural is sponsoring a conference/workshop this Thursday, Friday and Saturday on creativity. Check out their web page for more info. rs<

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